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Welcome to the down-load-able "simpler" INTERNATIONAL Fax ordering page.
Simply load this page, remove the html if you wish and Fax or print out "as is".   Email T0:
This prints as two standard A4 pages - Please Fax both pages to us for quick processing of your order, thankyou.

Take advantage of the huge benefits of shopping by credit card, safe, convenient and reliable. We accept Visa Card,
Mastercard, Diners Card or AMEX. Please note: Minimum credit card purchases are AUD$ 20.00 (USD $14.50 approx )
excluding freight. Simply write or type in your details on each line that are relevant for us to  process your order. 
All details must be fully completed .     Failure to complete the form correctly will ultimately delay your order.

YOUR TITLE (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr.etc.): __________ YOUR Full Name : __________________________________________

YOUR Company Name (if applicable) : _______________________________________________________________

YOUR Full Street Address : ________________________________________________________________________

YOUR Suburb or Town : ____________________________ YOUR City : _____________________________________ 

YOUR State : _______________________________ YOUR Provence (if applicable) : ___________________________

YOUR Country : ___________________________________ YOUR Postal or Zip Code : __________________________

YOUR Email Address : _______________________________________ Note: We do not deliver to Post Office Boxes.

YOUR Country code :_______ YOUR Phone Area code : ______  YOUR Phone Number : ________________________

YOUR Country code :_______ YOUR Phone Area code : ______  YOUR Fax Number : __________________________
Please select your preferred method of payment: ( select one method of payment only )
Visa Card:[__]     MasterCard: [__]       Diners Card: [__]     AMEX: [__]    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) :[__] 
Credit or Debit Card details: example: 4 x 4 digit format eg: 1234 5678 9101 8642  (Diners & Amex have less digits)

CARD HOLDER's FULL NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

Your 16 digit Credit Card Number: ______ ______ ______ ______ Credit Card Expiry Date: ____ / ____ (eg: 09/19)  

The Three Digit Security Code: ____ ____ ____   (This can be found on the rear of your credit/debit card )
Your full details must be completed. Failure to do this will delay the order. Please note, a "Post Office Box" is 
not a recognised residential or cardholder address by Credit Card Facilitators or the Banking Industry in general 
and is not acceptable as a delivery address. Please complete the appropriate ordering section below :-

Order No. (if applicable): O/No: ____________________________________
          Description of goods            Part Number            Quantity                      Ex Tax Price In AUD$ 

Item 01.________________    ____________________    ____________

Item 02.________________    ____________________    ____________

                                                                    Sub Total...............AUD$ __________ : ________ c
Exported items NO GST ( No Tax ) is added.
                                                                    Add freight.............AUD$ __________ : ________ c

                                                        Total in Australian Dollars AUD$ __________ : ________ c
If you require further items, please add to this FORM (page 1 only) and please simply print another form.   
Please avail yourself with the concept of direct deposit or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) direct to our 
business account and of course remember to advise us that you have effected an online EFT 
transfer and what the order is and where it is to be delivered to. Once confirmed, your order will be 
processed.     Trading terms resolution: as of May 16th 2005.

                                End of Page 1 of 2  - please Fax both pages, page one and page two please

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Page 2 of 2 - Please Fax both pages. If page two is applicable to you. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ International deliveries, Prices are based on application depending on your location. As a rule we ship via economical Australia Post. Insurance is always an option. We do however, suggest that all Valuable goods be fully insured as there are some countries where items do go missing due to thefts in transit experienced in these certain countries. Do you require insurance , Yes / No ? : select one. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING By INTERNATIONAL Air Post : Allow 7 ~ 21 working days Shipping via International Air Mail, click on Australia Post International deliveries for an accurate Australia Post quotation - Click here
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ This section (below) need only be completed if the card holder's particulars are different from you, the person perhaps a relative ordering (above). ALL card holder Details must be completed in full prior to ordering: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please select your preferred method of payment: (select one only) Visa Card:[__] MasterCard: [__] Diners Card: [__] Amex: [__] Electronic FundsTransfer (EFT) :[__] _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credit card details: An example: 4 x 4 digit format eg: 1234 5678 9101 8642 CARD HOLDER's FULL NAME**: __________________________________________________ Your 16 digit Credit Card Number** :___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ Credit Card Expiry Date: _____ / _______ ( 09 / 21 is an example ) The special three digit security number on the rear of your credit or debit card: ____ ____ ____ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ This section (below) need only be completed if the card holder's particulars are different from you, the person ordering the above item(s).   The person perhaps is a near relative ordering the above. ALL card holder details must be fully completed prior to faxing:   For simplicity, the letters CH will be used in lieu of the 2 words "Card Holder's". CH Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr.etc.): ______ CH Full Name: _____________________________________________ CH Full Street Address : ________________________________________________________________________ CH Suburb or Town : ____________________________ CH City: _____________________________ CH State : __________________________ CH Provence (if applicable): _____________________ CH Country : _____________________________ CH Postal or Zip code : ____________________ CH Email Address : _______________________________________________________________ CH Country code : ______ CH Phone Area code : ______ CH Phone Number : _________________________ CH Country code : ______ CH Phone Area code : ______ CH Fascimile Number : _____________________ For those people wishing to pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Diners Card, AMEX , we will confirm your order by phone or fax or email so please ensure you have entered those relevant details correctly to securely verify you are you and not someone else. Contact telephone Number : __________________________ Best contact Time: _________________________ Please share your constructive thoughts about us or about our web site. Your positive feedback comments are always welcome and are considered very important and valuable to us. Are there any special delivery procedures that you wish to share with us to effect your deliver correctly to you ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________
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