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Current from march 12th 2017
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Current from March 28th 2016


CIRCUIT BOARD LAYOUT and DESIGN     C.A.D. - just one of our services

Please note - we do NOT mass-manufacture circuit boards, we do however, design
the circuit layouts and prototype single-sided and Double sided P.C.B. to spec.

A more detailed drawing of a six-layer Circuit board

Above is a " reasonable explanation " of a six-layer PTH (Plated Thru-Hole) PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Note the layer names.

A drawing of a multi-layer Circuit board

Above (Fig 1a) is a " quite exaggerated " exposed symbolic picture of a multi-layer thru-hole printed circuit board.
This is only a representation,    whereas in reality,    the process is quite involved and does not have parts on it.

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 As stated, yes, it is an excellent idea to condense a circuit into the smallest possible size thus saving on
 the board's physical dimensions, doing so, there are strict "electronic" rules that govern the 
 passage of electrons along a particular  circuit board track which may induce a new headache that is called 
 cross-talk or "electronic noise" from one circuit to another, please be very aware of these constraints and 
 there are trade-offs in any circuit board layout or design, speed and noise immunity are the most sought after 
 features requiring " ground planes " to shield or rather contain and reduce "cross talk" or high frequency 
 " parasitic " oscillations from one track through a circuit board track to another.

Circuits for all

Ciruit board

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Ciruit board

Ciruit board2Ciruit board3


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    Labour rates   Repairs and modifications   
   AUD$100.00 per hour ( $1.66666 / min) 10% GST.  
      ( calculated as time taken in hours and minutes )  

  Call-Out rates  (That is, we come to your office or workplace)   Repairs and modifications   
                               AUD$ 100.00 per hour ( $1.6666 / min ) 10% GST.
  ( Calculated as company time taken in hours and minutes plus $1.80 / Km there and back returning to base ).


Please read this portion now before sending anything.

  As of today, March 15th 2017, unless you provide us with an acccurate circuit diagram of  the goods you wish us to repair, we will 
  not be able to service your goods. This decision was made due to the amount of customers who have just left "goods" here, unpaid 
  for and said it is now our problem , without a circuit diagram as they did not wish to pay for work done, nor pay for their present 
  up-to-date service bill and any further works to continue tracing out the faults and effecting a good repair. We are out of pocket !

  This decision has been implemented by the given rise in losses in company time and of course, loss of income due to failure by 
  customers to pay us.  If your product's circuit board is less than 3 ~ 5 yrs of age, possibly or maybe, if it is over 6 yrs to 10 yrs, 
  it may be remotely repairable, depending on the brand, the accurate age, parts availability and how bad it is damaged. 
  If it is over 10 to 15 years,  then perhaps it is high time buy a new item and get a twelve or twenty-four or more month warranty.
  Regarding re-winding of small transformers. We will no longer perform this task based on the time to carefully disassemble them to 
  carefully study and note the number of windings and what direction they are wound and more importantly, what killed the windings.

  These financial losses are costs we cannot and will not absorb. Time spent in carrying out a repair on your behalf has to be covered
  under our company time. Time is money as they say. We are not a benelevent society nor are we a charity. We have expenses and 
  overheads to cover on a daily basis.  We don't want your dead products left here unpaid for as these are re-cyle binned and trashed..

  We like being paid for the sweat and time searching various resources to locate what a particular part is, considering there are
  literally many millions of electronic parts made since 1970 by many manufacturers of their own devices, some still in business,
  some are gone or absorbed into newer companies by mergers and aquisitions. Eg: Phillips, then NXP, New name it is EXPERIA. 
  The search for electronic component data sheets takes company time, circuit diagrams can sometimes assist in most 
  most cases, a with good a positive result for the items you brought for us to repair are working.  That is our everyday goal. 

  There's no-one here called Nostradamus to make predictions or no-one with Superman's X-ray vision to diagnose problems
  by just  looking or glancing at a PCB.  The age old question, how much is it going to cost me ?  Hold on, where's my crystal ball?  
  It is not a broken cup, it is not a bent table leg,  nor is it a cracked engine piston.   We only deal in and work in absolutes. 
  In electronics, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ERROR !  It is an exacting science learned over many, many years.  Try 47 years.
So, in re-capping, No accurate circuit diagram, No service work will be done. Resolution meeting 7:00 pm 15/03/2017

  Please note:   For repair work , it is advisable to acquire a correct circuit diagram prior to delivery of your goods 
  or equipment to be serviced and repaired. If one is not supplied, then we will need to do " reverse engineering " 
  of the circuit and tracing it out fully, thus establishing a correct operational circuit schematic diagram to work  
  with for fault finding. Without a circuit diagram is like trying to travel to Canberra blindfolded. It simply costs time 
  The cost of tracing out and creating a circuit diagram is always borne by the customer/client.   No free rides. 
  If you do not have a schematic, you should procure one as soon as possible, making sure it is the best circuit  
  diagram exactly for your valuable  PCB (s) you wish repaired. Also, does your PCB have esoteric components ? 
  Then data sheets must be found to support what they are.   There are many millions of components made 
  since 1972.   What ones do you have ? Are they specialised ? Are they still available ? Who stocks them today ? 
  We do not do quotes for electronic equipment work as no-one can make asumptions without fully finding the faults 
  as there are so many variables in service work and no-one is nostradamas and can make a certain prediction ever.  
  Having an accurate circuit diagram will typically make service work a whole lot simpler and more precisely better.  
  This will cut down wasted time in trying to establish how the circuit works and what faults stop it.  There is no  
  guess-work here.      We do not own a "crystal ball"     and no-one here is called Nostradamus.


   Labour rates design work  Prototyping ......... AUD$ 100.00 per hour ( $1.6666 / Min )..Plus 10% GST. 
 ( Time taken is calculated in months, weeks, days, hours and /or minutes depending on complexity ) 

 Please Note : Labour rates do not include any materials or components nor do they include GST.
 All parts and materials used are in addition to time spent on the client's behalf to get a project to fruition.

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S E R V I C E    and     R E P A I R S
Please be aware, we are not a " results only company ", that is to state as in " only " being paid " only " if the result is goods or equipment works. We accept " your goods " for repair or service in good faith, however if it is found at some stage during the repair(s) that  the said item(s) for repair or service are not going result in a positive working outcome, either due to the age of item(s) or component(s) that are " still now " available in stock, we will advise you of the costs so far in arriving at this conclusion. There are no "Free lunches". All company time is accountable for. This is only fair as where you work, you would not like   be NOT PAID as a result of a project or job not working out right and your boss telling you, " tough luck did not work so no pay for the hours wasted on trying to get it going".

We require payment for company time spent on your behalf working on your goods or equipment   irrespective of the final results that the item(s) in question are working. We strive for perfection   in servicing and repairs, however there are times where component tolerances change over the    years, thus often resulting in undesirable "hard to diagnose" faults along with stray capacitances    and weird parasitics etcetera, plating "growths and spurs" that creep into circuits boards over time.  

This rule (above) does not apply to goods or products manufactured by us, here at  Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. We support our own manufactured goods & equipment   with stocks of quality original " backup service " parts for up to 5 years

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There are Circuit Rules

What is involved in a simple design, taking an idea or concept through to a completed product

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Flow chart on Ciruits

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Please note - we do NOT "mass-manufacture" circuit boards, we do
however, design the circuit layouts and single-sided prototypes.

Unitech Electronics Pty Ltd is your one stop "global shop" for all your "computer" and "Electronic"
Hardware solutions , we design and manufacture for you.         We make it happen for you!

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  Why am I getting small shocks from my Electronic equipment & it is biting me with nasty electrical sparks ?

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